Protective Covenants

The attorneys of Quarterman Hodson & Associates, P.C. have many years of experience in drafting, revising, and reviewing protective covenants for all types of residential, commercial and mixed use developments.

Restrictive covenants are deed restrictions that apply to a group of homes, lots or “PUD” units in a specific development or ‘subdivision.’ They are normally drafted and put in place by the original developer and are different for every type of development. Restrictions give a development a more standard appearance because they control some of the activities that take place within its boundaries. Covenants nearly always stipulate the minimum size residence allowed, how many homes may be built on one lot, and what type of construction the homes must (or must not) be. They may include numerous other restrictions depending on the development type. The Covenants can be amended as provided in the Covenants themselves or in the Georgia Property Owner’s Act to meet the needs of the community, to renew the covenants upon expiration, or to comply with changing federal, state and local law.