Materialmen’s and Mechanics’ Liens

Quarterman Hodson & Associates, P.C. assists contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and many other professionals in the preparation, filing and collection of Georgia property liens.

Georgia’s new lien law allows a contractor, subcontractor, materialman or supplier to file a mechanics’ lien or a materialmen’s lien within 90 days of the last day in which they actually worked on or delivered materials to the project. This deadline begins running on the last day in which the contractor, subcontractor, materialman or supplier actually, physically worked on or supplied to the construction project. Because these liens are statutory in nature, the statutes must be followed with precision and care. Property owners often have legal issues that arise regarding Georgia lien law with which our firm can assist. For instance, a homeowner may pay his general contractor for services and materials, but the general contractor may fail to pay his or her subcontractors, who may then file a title lien against the home. There exist remedies and defenses to property owners as well as ways to prevent a lien before work is commenced, such as the filing of a Notice of Commencement before a project commences or once it is finished and a lien filed, bonding it off, waiting for it to expire, and challenging a lien based on defects in the lien form.