Foreclosure (Creditor)

The attorneys of Quarterman Hodson & Associates, P.C. are experienced in representing creditors in foreclosure.

In recent years, foreclosures and repossessions have become an unfortunate byproduct of the economic downturn. As a reaction to the large increase in the number of foreclosures, the Georgia Legislature has passed significant changes to the state’s foreclosure laws and more changes are being contemplated in the near term. Our attorneys are keeping abreast of these important changes and will continue to represent lenders in non-judicial foreclosure actions involving both residential and commercial properties throughout the State of Georgia. In addition, we often assist prospective bidders and purchasers of foreclosed properties in Georgia, and can assist in pre-sale due diligence for potential buyers, including the conducting of a title examination to determine what liens are attached to the property, the status of outstanding federal, state and local ad valorem taxes, and related issues.